Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Felt Flower Hair Clips

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I saw a picture on a blog where someone was showing a shirt or dress that they made their little girl, but what caught my eye was the flower clip in her hair. I don't know if she bought it or made it, I just knew I had to have one - or several. I had to play around with different sizes since I was doing this on my own.

Here is the first one I made - out of pink felt with a pearl in the center.
I used a circle template in the 1", 1.5", 2", and 2.5" sizes and then drew scallops around the edges. I'm pretty proud of how even and perfect they turned out. :) I made these out of thick cardstock so I could use them as a template several times. I've since made 4 of these.Once I cut out the circles, I sewed them together and attached the sew-on pearl at the same time. Then I hot glued it to a hair snap clip. Since my 10 month old daughter has no hair to clip them into, I can clip it on a head band until hair decides to grow in.

Here are the 4 I've made so far. The brown one is made out of corduroy (didn't have any brown felt on hand). It's pretty flimsy and I don't think it will hold up very well in her little hands. But maybe I'll get one use out of it before it's destroyed. I made the black and gray one in hopes it would work as a Halloween hair clip. I can't seem to find any orange or lime green felt that's not ugly neon shades.
I made the white one right before church on Sunday since I couldn't find an existing hair clip to match her outfit. It only took about 5 minutes to make. And we were still on time for church - even though my husband was rolling his eyes at me since I just had to make it when we were already ready to go out the door.


  1. So cute! Hey, just a little hint from a mom with lots of hair clips for daughters. A couple years ago I took a 24" long piece of 1x2" wood, put on some cute scrapbook paper and modge podged over it, then tacted 4 cute ribbons hanging down from the wood (space 3" apart). It's perfect to hold clips and I mounted it in our bathroom. Cause you've gotta have one to match everything...and then some extras! :)

  2. Ok, these are so cute. Love them. I laughed thinking of you making this before church. You do have some of your Mom in you!

  3. These hair clips are absolutely beautiful. I love the pink one. You're so talented! Thanks for sharing!