Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spider Web Table Runner

I made a Spider Web Table Runner using the template and idea from here.

I didn't have any felt-by-the-yard on hand - and the kiddos were asleep, so I opted for what I had on hand since I couldn't go to the store (and it's fun to make things from what I have lying around - essentially making it free).  I used an old, white flannel sheet. 

But that meant that it would have fraying raw edges, so I added a bit to the measurements when cutting so I could fold the edges under and use a decorative stitch around the edge in black thread.  I also mitered the corners so it would lay flat - using this tutorial I found online.

In the end, I do wish I had just waited and bought a little bit of felt so it would last a bit longer.  It's pretty delicate and gets a little beat up when the kids grab it off the table.  But all in all, I'm happy with it.  I may back it with black fabric to make it last longer, but that means another step, and I have other projects I'm dying to finish . . . and a Super Saturday to get ready for - so no time this month.

***this took FOREVER to cut out and I had several hand cramps along the way.  So this isn't a "one day" or "one nap" project ***


  1. WOW! I am floored! You lasted a lot longer than I did- as soon as the hand started to cramp, I called it good! :) It looks amazing in white, like a real spiderweb. You should load this to my flickr group:

  2. Amazing! I echo the above sentiments. This is beautiful and I am also completely amazed. Just fantastic!!!

  3. This is really cute! Great job!