Monday, February 22, 2010

Hair Clip Holder

I've seen several of these online and decided to take a try at it. We had extra molding left over from remodeling the kid's rooms, so being the brave woman that I am, I used a mider saw and cut it all by myself! I did have to call my husband to ask how to lift the blade up since it was locked closed. So here are the pieces before I assembled them.
Then I glued and staple gun'd the corners. Then I painted the frame and cut and stapled chicken wire (to hold the hair clips on) to the back, followed by canvas fabric.
After hanging it up, it looked like it needed a little more . . . so I cut vinyl with my cricut to say "sugar and spice and everything nice" from that children's nursery rhyme. And then I glued on the double layered pink craft foam flowers in the corners. These were the same flowers from the tree on my daughter's wall (tomorrow's post).