Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Car Roll-up

So if you've ever made a crayon roll, this will be a cinch for you. The process is pretty much identical. If you haven't made a crayon roll, this will still be quite easy, but I would suggest making a crayon roll too. The crayon roll and my car notebook have been lifesavers at church or when we're in waiting rooms. It keeps my son calm. So I'm hoping this car roll/car cozy will do the same.
I saw the idea on Homemade by Jill. I used my cricut to cut the numbers out of freezer paper. I didn't have any felt for the road, so I used flannel - which meant I had to use wonder under to adhere the yellow road stripes since it's not as sturdy of a fabric. It was basically free for me to make since I used a pair of jeans and scrap fabric I already had on hand. I love thrifty projects!
I didn't topstitch around the edge because my fabrics were too thick. I used some "outerwear" fabric for the front (the red fabric) and it's pretty thick, so paired with the denim pockets, my machine wouldn't like me.


  1. PS - I'll be featuring it on my blog in March - be sure to check in then and grab my featured button!

  2. I love your blog!! I gave you an award:

    Thanx for all your fun, simple ideas!

  3. So cute! My Aunt made one for my son for Christmas, and I LOVE it!! It keeps him very entertained.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Actually my 4 yr. old little girl loves cars. So if I get a spare moment I will be making this too! Love the road and the numbers the best!

  5. It turned out really cute! I love the fabrics together. Can't believe with two little ones you fit this in your schedule. You are amazing my girl.

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