Monday, February 8, 2010

Hair Clip Crazy

I went a little hair clip crazy this weekend. Here are just a few that I made:

Satin singed flower clip (on the knee-high headband)Pink and Green Zipper flowers (idea from Sumo's Sweet Stuff) & a ribbon flower clip (all white for the baby blessing - but I'm definately making more of that style in other colors)
Here's the zipper flower closer up - I love these and will definately get a stash of zippers now! Until my daughter gets hair, she will be wearing all of these hair clips on the interchangable knee-high headband :)


  1. Your zipper flowers turned out great! Sooo cute!

    - Sumo

  2. OKAY, MAJOR DILEMMA HERE: I love headbands and bows for baby girls; Nathan does not. What will we ever do???!!!

  3. I LOVE all of your flowers! What size zipper did you use for your flowers? Thank you for sharing all of you ideas!