Thursday, February 18, 2010

Child sized rocking chair

My parents gave my son a rocking chair for his birthday last year. They pained it green - to go with the colors in his room, and then handed it over for me to add vinyl. After adding the vinyl, I added a clear coat of mod podge on top to seal it in so he doesn't peel it off.
It's finally in his room now instead of hidden in a closet (almost a year after we've had it). I tried it out, but he would stand on it, or sit backwards in it. Sitting backwards was cute, but he would aggressively rock and ended up rocking too far and fell over - with his legs stuck in the back. He thought it was funny, but I knew that was only the beginning and he would end up hurt. So now, he actually sits in it right and doesn't rock crazy.


  1. So cute! I have a chair just like that only I stenciled butterflies, dragonflies and flowers on it for my little girl. I looks like it's the same color too.

  2. I have that same rocking chair I bought at an antique store for $10!! I still have to repaint mine though..

    It looks adorable, great job!!