Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shower Curtain turned Bedroom Curtains

I wanted to make curtains for my daughter's bedroom, but couldn't find any fabric that I liked. Then I had an idea . . . There are cute shower curtains, so maybe I could find one of those and turn it into a curtain. I found this fabric shower curtain at Target and the colors matched the theme I was working on for her bedroom. It even has butterflies! Plus, the top was already finished with the button holes, so less work for me.
I had an extra set of shower curtain hooks, so I hung it up with those. I cut it in half to get two long pieces and then cut about 16" off the bottom to get the length I wanted. I also bought "black out" fabric from the home decor section to line the back of it with. We live on a busy street, and I wanted to block out some of the car lights and also sunlight for nap times.

So I sewed the black out fabric to the curtain sides and bottom - right sides together and turned it right side out (I didn't sew along the top since I wanted to keep the holes for the hooks in tact, so after it was turned right side out, I topstitched all the way around to flatten the edges and that's when I closed the top (below the hook holes).

But after hanging it up, I felt like it needed a little more . . . so Ruffles to the rescue. I cut strips of white cotton, sewed them into a long piece and then sewed a gathering stitch down the middle. Then I gathered them to the amount I wanted it and sewed them to the side and bottom edges. I love it!


  1. I LOVE how these turned out! It really is hard to find nice curtains... I may have to give the shower curtain idea a try next time!

  2. they look great! love the ruffles

  3. oh oh serena you have to help me when Alex and I get new home in wa someday!!!

  4. Love it, have the shower curtain and looking for a way to repurpose, thanks from EleniSavesU.com