Monday, February 15, 2010

Toddler Toolbelt

We bought a "fixer-upper" house, so my husband has been fixing stuff and working with tools almost every day. Our son got some toy black and decker tools for christmas and already had some little tyke ones as well. So when he sees Daddy using tools, he grabs his and follows him around.

With his birthday coming up, I decided to make him a tool belt - and it didn't cost a penny! I used scrap fabric, an old skirt, and a belt of mine. I love how it turned out. I had to do a bit of tweaking with the measurements and redo some seams, but I think it's workable now.

So I used an old khaki skirt and a studded belt along with some fabric scraps.Here's the supplies:
Base fabric (canvas or other heavy weight fabric) - 2 pieces 10"x14"
Pocket - 1 piece 10"x14"
Hammer loop - 1 piece 2"x7"
Interfacing for loop - 1 piece 2"x7"
Belt - I used 8" off each end - but you may want to measure your kid first to make sure that length works - and just saved the middle of the belt for a future project. If you don't have a belt to use, you can make your own ties out of fabric and sew them into tubes. But I liked the "manly" look of a riveted belt.
Seam allowances 1/4"
1. Iron pocket in half lengthwise so it is 5"x14"
Optional step - I added brown bias tape to the top of the pocket to add detail, but that's not necessary
2. Line the raw edges of the pocket with the bottom of the base piece. Sew the bottom edge along the presser foot
3. Mark the lines for the pocket dividers at 4.75" and 9.25". Pin the sides in place so it doesn't move, and then sew along the pocket lines - making sure to backstitch at the top of the pocket so it is strongly attached.
4. Iron the interfacing to the hammer loop. Fold in half lengthwise with right sides together and sew along the long edge. Turn right side out, iron flat (and optional, topstitch along the seam)5. Fold the loop in half and attach it to either side - about an inch up from the bottom6. Sew the back canvas piece to the front piece along the top edge (with right sides together)
7. Open up the piece you just sewed and line the belt pieces along the inside of the seam (so that they are flush with the top of the toolbelt when it's finished). Pin belt pieces in place and sew along the edge.8. Flip the canvas back piece back over so that the right sides are together, and sew down both sides and along the bottom (leaving a 3" hole in the bottom to be able to turn it right side out. 9. Turn right side out, iron edges, and topstitch around the entire outer square.10. You could stop here, or go on to add detail as I did with freezer paper stenciling.
11. I used my cricut and cut out the words "Tools" and a hammer shape on freezer paper. Iron it to the tool belt at the desired locations.12. Using fabric paint, paint in the letters and the hammer shape. Once it's dry, peel off the freezer paper and viola! You're done. I think you're supposed to iron over the paint, with a top cloth to protect your iron and that would heat set the paint, but I always forget to do that.Here's a picture of my son wearing it before I added the paint. Luckily he's too young to remember I gave it to him for a picture and to check the length then took it away until his birthday. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, this has to be one of my favorite projects you've done. SO CREATIVE!!! :) And Ethan? Adorable as usual!

  2. That is such a good idea, I love it! Thanks for the tutorial, I would have never known was to do!
    Kaysi- Keeping It Simple

  3. good use of scraps! It's looks awesome

  4. What a great idea! I love that you used things you already had on hand!

  5. Oh this is adorable! I hope my little guy will like it, this is totally going in my idea file!