Monday, February 1, 2010

Game Scorebook

As a Christmas Gift for family members, I made a game scorebook. This way, they can keep track of their scores when they play games like scrabble, dominoes, etc.

Plus, they love Scrabble, so I made the book out of a Scrabble game board. I found this idea on Infarrantly Creative a while back.

I did mine a little differently after I had issues getting the stitching right at the binding. My game board had the seam in a different direction than the example, so my book had to have the front going a different direction. Once I cut the board in half down the center seam, I also cut off the side that had the letter points and extra space that wasn't the playing area.

Then, I put my pad of paper inbetween the book covers (like a sandwich) and used gorilla tape to tape the binding. This way the book stayed flat when closed and didn't pop open on it's own. I lined all four edges of both with the tape as well since I had a raw edge from cutting off the extra board.

Then I hot glued the scrabble letters to the board to say "Otto Scorebook." The note pad is glued to the inside of the back cover.

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